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My experience with writing blogs as an Author for Fully Connected at Weights & Biases

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My blogs with Weights & Biases are published on their official blog, “Fully Connected”. These blogs are normally written in the form of WandB Reports, which are a beautiful way to document your entire project journey from scratch. Support for embedding experiment tracking data right into the document makes it unparalleled for analysis.

Blog Posts

  • Tackling Water Pollution using YOLO-NAS and W&B: My first blog on Fully Connected details how you can get started with creating an end-to-end object detection pipeline using YOLO-NAS from SuperGradients and use WandB as an integrated platform for experiment creation, tracking, hyperparameter tuning, and visualization.
Suvaditya Mukherjee
Suvaditya Mukherjee
ML Intern @ Harman | Google Developer Expert (Machine Learning) | External Author @ PyImageSearch | Author @ Weights & Biases

My research interests include distributed robotics, mobile computing and programmable matter.