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My work with Towards Data Science was one of the first places where I began to write blogs more seriously than ever before. I do not use Medium a lot anymore, but I did write 3 articles there which do receive a lot of regular love (as per the emails I receive for story stats). You can follow me directly through my profile!

Blog Posts

  • The Annotated ResNet-50: This was the first blog I wrote as part of a deep-dive study into the popular ResNet-50 model. I explored the intricacies, covered some interesting theoretical content behind what goes on in the model, the inspirations, and more.

  • How to Make Your Models Available to the Public: This blog was written as a reference material for a talk I had delivered previously with the same title. It details a technique to use Docker, Flask, and Gunicorn to make a decently-performant way to deploy your custom models on a server.

  • Accelerating Model Deployment using Transfer Learning and Vertex AI: This blog was also written as reference material for a talk I delivered, with the same title. This details a intricate method of deploying TensorFlow models using Docker and the TensorFlow Serving service.

Suvaditya Mukherjee
Suvaditya Mukherjee
ML Intern @ Harman | Google Developer Expert (Machine Learning) | External Author @ PyImageSearch | Author @ Weights & Biases

My research interests include distributed robotics, mobile computing and programmable matter.